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ImproBeirut... Just Say Yes!!
To begin with, ‘Impro’ or 'improv' is short for “Improvisation” which is the art of reacting in an “on-the-spot” situation spontaneously, acting without a script. It is about generating and then developing an idea, a story, or a scene from nothing.

Founded in 2008 by award winning filmmaker and theater director Lucien Bourjeily ImproBeirut’s main mission is to promote improvisational theatre in Lebanon and the Middle East and develop sustainable performance, practice, management, and teaching skills for the Arab world's improvisational theatre community and establish a solid bridge between Middle Eastern improvisers and the international improvisation world.

ImproBeirut was behind the first professional improvisational theatre shows in Lebanon and the Middle East which have been touring with huge success, pioneering in this field in Lebanon and the Middle East as our belief was that improvisation is a vital and viable art form which provides unique and invaluable benefits to the individual and the community and we strive to raise awareness of improvisational theatre through performance, teaching, and community outreach ; defying all censorship laws still applicable in this region: peacefully challenging social and cultural barriers using theatre to set off dialogue, encourage free speech, and as a true force of positive change.

ImproBeirut members are mostly established actors from the Lebanese artistic scene most of them having more than 10 years of acting experience on stage, TV, and Cinema and since Aubust 2009, ImproBeirut is officially affiliated to the Visual and Performing Arts Association.

The group usually produces 4-6 improv shows each month and also performs at fundraising events, engages in outreach in universities, and is for hire for training and shows for corporate events.
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